Vending services to Hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

Every conversation is complete with a great cup of coffee. Nothing welcomes a guest as wonderfully as a cup of invigorating coffee.

OCR coffee machines/services deliver a range of mood-elevating blends and premium coffees that appeal to both Indians and visitors from other countries.

OCR is the only coffee company in India to offer coffees from across the globe, both as green bean as well as roasted beans even for small quantities as low as 50 kgs at a time. OCR can also add value to this coffee as per the roasting profile required by the client( dark, medium and light roast )

OCR meets every need - from Banquet, Conference, Pot coffee to Room Service. Installed coffee machines are backed by 24X7 complimentary service and maintenance. OCR supplies coffees without the machines being installed in the form of roasted beans as well as ground coffee powder.

Vending services to corporate offices.

Hot beverages like coffee and tea provide employees much needed relaxation during the busy office hours - two cups of coffee/tea a day refreshes them and boosts their productivity.

OCR coffee machines are present in many corporate organizations and offices, delivering superior quality coffee/tea every day.

Installation of OCR coffee machines involves no capital expenditure. Companies need to pay only for the number of cups consumed or consumables supplied along with machine rentals . Ease of operation helps even the office boy

The coffee machines are backed by a 24X7 service guarantee and hassle-free maintenance which keeps them working smoothly for years.

Vending services to high foot - fall public places

Colleges, hospitals, pilgrimage centres and other public places see a large number of travellers and visitors every day. A cup of coffee or a hot beverage is the perfect antidote to their fatigue and gives them a real boost to their energy.

OCR machines combine excellent quality with value-for-money offerings. The machines feature microprocessor based billing technology, which guarantees accurate billing and provides precise sales figures at the end of the day. They are supported by a 24X7 service guarantee.