The State-of-the-smart

State-of-the-art technology and precise quality control standards ensure that the exotic flavour, aroma of the roast remains consistent each and every time.

The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavour of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to expand and to change in colour, taste, smell, and density.

As coffee made its journey throughout the world it adopted startlingly different methods of preparation and even more varied form of enjoying the brewing. Roasting can range between lighter, being brighter from acidity of the bean, to darker roasts that are intense and give away caramel flavours during roasting.

At Origin Coffee Roasters (OCR), we have made strategic investments with machinery partners to deliver the perfect roast. We have combined the American Dietrich with the Turkish Hasgaranti, successfully bridging the preferences of East and West while catering to a continent that is a cultural melange.

From steering new product development to quality control we are here to wow the country that is just starting to tickle its taste buds with flavours and the sweet success of coffee. OCR has also got the state of the art packing machines ensuring very hygenic and with good speed of packaging to ensure even large quanitites of coffee packed in various confirguration can be supplied in a short notice of time. These packaging machines also ensures fool proof volume / weight management system.