Roasted Beans

OCR graces your every coffee drinking experience with a select hand-picked blends. And we aim to please you with every cup through continuity and consistency. We are steadfast in our objective to delight customers with distinctive flavours by catering to your taste and budget.

Roasted beans

a. Coffees from India

OCR offers three exclusive roasted coffee bean blends which can go in to both semi-automatic coffee vending machines as well as fully automatic vending machines. To match international experience, one of the blends is made of 100% Arabica beans to get the best possible aroma from the Coffee. The other two blends are made with right combination of Indian Robustas and Arabicas to suit the Indian Palette.

b. International / Single origin coffee

The parent Company M/s Origin Traders, head quartered in Sydney, Australia is the third largest coffee importer in Australia from 18 countries across the globe. With this expertise, OCR India can provide any single origin coffee in small quantities either in the form of raw coffee or in the form of roasted bean as per the profile required by the customer. OCR is the only Company in India to provide coffee from anywhere in the world at a competitive price even for small quantities. These coffees can be used for International Star hotels and Café’s in India. These Coffees have distinct quality advantage when compared to other imported coffees due to its freshness and customized roasting from the OCR factory.